Precision Software Partner Highlight – OnTrac

In order to provide our customers with the best solutions possible, Precision Software maintains a comprehensive network of partnerships. Working together we offer proprietary integrations that meet all industry application standards. Precision Software is proud to be partnered with OnTrac.

OnTrac is the premier regional parcel carrier in the Western United States, providing overnight delivery at ground rates to more than 60 million consumers. OnTrac was founded in 1991, and has grown to become a top choice for e-commerce and companies looking to speed up delivery without the cost of express shipping. In 2014, OnTrac launched DirectPost, and became the first regional carrier to offer a USPS Package Consolidation Service. OnTrac is a SmartWay Transport Partner, a USPS Workshare Partner, and is integrated with over thirty different multi-carrier software providers. For more information about OnTrac call (800) 334-5000 or visit

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The Hidden Costs of Shipping are Lurking in the Front Office

Shipping and logistics optimization is a key element of managing large production operations, but corporate front office shipping is often overlooked. Ignoring the importance of front office shipping can cost more than just time for businesses. While desktop shipping can seem like a mundane component of a large enterprise’s operation, it can quietly consume significant budget – and it could even be vulnerable to compliance violations.

By establishing aScreen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.08.26 AM desktop shipping management system that is used throughout the organization, companies gain the visibility and control needed to implement shipping policies, leverage carrier relationships or contracts, and manage costs. Any potential shipping compliance risks can also be mitigated through centralized rules and compliance checks in the platform. Employees reclaim time spent wading through different carriers and rulesets while businesses see reduction in costs, risk and operational blind spots.


About PRECISION Desktop Shipping:

Precision Software provides a web-enabled Desktop Shipping user interface using the same transportation management system engine that supports production shipping but was specifically developed with the infrequent user in mind. Our Desktop Shipping solution is used in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, high-tech, retail, information services, and education.

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TMS Drives Business Performance for Banking and Financial Industries

Reliability is a top priority in nearly any organization. On-time delivery of goods, reliable transport of contracts & legal documents, or low cost movement of raw materials can be key performance measures for high volume enterprises. In financial enterprises, the reliability stakes are higher as many shipments involve sensitive items or information such as personally identifiable customer data, monetary instruments including but not limited to mortgage contracts and time sensitive contents like replacement credit cards.

A TMS platform can streamline delivery processes and ensure timely, accurate delivery of those critical shipments through core features like shipment address validation. Integrated into policy-based workflows, address validation can prevent outbound shipment of sensitive material unless addresses can be fully validated. Moreover, package exception data and proof of delivery information can be integrated into real-time reporting systems giving financial institutions unprecedented visibility and control over customer-bound parcels.

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Important Announcement – New ATLAS Release

Changes to the German customs export system – new ATLAS release.

With this new ATLAS release, sending messages in the old format ATLAS 2.2 / EDIFACT 8.4 will not be allowed after April 24, 2016. Click here for more information. There are a number of changes introduced in the new ATLAS AES 2.3 release. You can find a detailed list of changes in the ZOLL newsletter 1786/15.

The Precision ZIVIT certification has been completed as of October 8, 2015 and published on the ZIVITwebsite

Customer upgrade packs are planned to be available on November 2, 2015 and included in the ATLAS R10 release, please check with your PRECISION project manager the implementation date. A test slot will be required to be booked with ZIVIT when you are ready to test the release. 

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Banking & Financial Industry: Important Items to Consider When Evaluating Transportation Management Systems

Besides evaluating transportation management system (TMS) features to ensure your enterprise will reap the benefits, there are some particulars to which you should pay close attention during your vetting process. The provider behind the software solution may be as important, if not more so, than the solution itself.

Banking and financial companies have a unique business environment and a particular set of challenges. Finding a TMS solution provider with a successful track record of implementation in your industry sector could mean the difference between tremendous improvements and failure. From a provider’s understanding of your regulatory requirements, to its familiarity with process details like background checks or drug screenings of implementation team members, to their experience with global rollouts, your provider’s expertise can make or break your deployment.

In consideration of global rollouts, a TMS provider should already have built a strong and comprehensive carrier network capable of serving your worldwide needs. It’s not enough to get a commitment that your provider will add global carriers. You should be starting with excellent geographic and modal coverage before a provider starts talking about adding carrier options so that whatever you start with is proven in practice.

Because organizations have differing approaches to security, compliance and maintenance, a TMS provider that understands its customers and market will offer multiple deployment options. If you must have an on premise or private cloud solution, one should be available.

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