Manage Risk

Lost shipments, trade compliance, restricted parties, incomplete documentation, “maverick” shipping… there’s a lot to lose sleep over in your line of work.

But not when you have Precision Software on your side.  By combining your company’s policies, rules and protocols with PRECISION’s rules-based routing guide and with customs connectivity for automated filings, your PRECISION technology platform can support even the most complex global trade management paradigm in one centralized, integrated system.

With PRECISION’s suite of solutions, you have peace of mind through…

  • Complete visibility of all your shipments, across all carriers and continents
  • Continually updated content for restrictied parties and embargoed countries
  • Centralized management of global trade policies and documentation
  • Integrated access to international customs agencies and filing processes
  • Unified compliance capabilities and audit procedures

In addition to helping you mitigate risk, the PRECISION suite can also help you reduce costs and minimize errors and delays by ensuring documentation is done right… the first time. Never lose a wink of sleep with PRECISION integrated solutions.

Let us show you how we can reduce risk and gain efficiency in your global shipments. Start a conversation or schedule a demo today.

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