Think complex, extensive, and in a permanent state of motion and you’re talking about the automotive industry.  Shifting demand, numerous tiers of suppliers, and rising costs makes global logistics a fundamental element of the automotive supply chain.


Maintaining uninterrupted delivery performance; upholding industry standards both locally and globally; meeting customer-specific routing and labeling requirements; and navigating cross-border complexities are just a few of the logistics challenges inherent to an efficient automotive supply chain.


Precision helps automotive companies manage their supply chain through increased visibility and easy to use tools for complying with transportation and trade regulations:

  • Automatically produce industry-standard and customer-specific labels
  • Gain visibility and collaboration with suppliers via a centralized Supply Chain Portal
  • Use an electronic routing guide for automatic application of routing instructions
  • Consolidate shipments while still meeting shipment schedules to maintain shipment performance requirements
  • Stay on top of international shipments to keep the flow of the global supply chain moving efficiently and effectively
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