High Technology

The Technology industry can always count on two things:  constant change and competition.   Largely driven by innovation (smaller, faster, better), the growing digital marketplace, and a large number of players, high tech manufacturers and distributors alike require careful logistics planning and execution to meet customer demand or risk having the business go elsewhere.



Time-critical deliveries to keep (your customer’s and your own) production lines moving; getting the right inventory to regional depots on-time, and making sure international shipments are not delayed all ultimately fall on your logistics team’s shoulders.


Precision Software provides the advantage High Tech needs with transportation, trade and end-to-end visibility tools all built into one system:

  • Use workflow management to streamline key logistics processes
  • Simplify and automate international shipping with rules-based documentation and reporting
  • Use the system-based routing guide to adhere to product, customer and carrier-specific requirements
  • Track shipments and packages from a central portal to ensure on-time delivery
  • Calculate landed costs to help optimize regional network locations and on-hand inventory


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