Logistics Providers

As many companies continue to grow globally, they are increasingly looking for partnering opportunities with logistics providers who can help navigate local markets, manage inventories and provide fulfillment services.  This has created fierce competition within the logistics industry, putting logistics providers under increased pressure to invest in technologies and systems integration to help improve automation and visibility to the inventories they manage.



Meet customer demands for more advanced supply chain management services (control, visibility, tracking); maintain flexibility and scalability in transportation and trade management by region or country; provide collaboration for a diverse set of customers and industries.


Precision gives Logistics Providers the single system and the visibility needed to improve transportation management, global trade and compliance activities for your customers:

  • Manage transportation transactions for multiple customers from one system
  • Rate, manifest and automatically create documentation for domestic or international shipments
  • Integrate seamlessly to your existing systems
  • Get end-to-end visibility to in-transit shipments for pro-active customer service
  • Ensure compliance and maintain a single source of record for reporting and audit purposes
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