Consumer behavior has had a powerful influence on how retailers deliver products.  Many of our purchases are now customized and available in days, which means multiple points and modes of manufacture, distribution and transportation are a matter of course for a retailer.


Manage high volumes of distribution through multiple suppliers, fulfillment centers and direct to consumers; match inventory to actual demand; control transportation costs to protect margins; maintain flexibility with import and export programs as distribution channels change or demand shifts.


Precision gives retailers a high-powered transportation and trade system as well as the visibility you need to facilitate collaboration with suppliers and distributors on a global basis:

  • Easily manage high volume processing using Precision’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) deployment
  • Rate shop to ensure the lowest cost on-time delivery to your customers
  • Track packages to end customers to help raise customer satisfaction levels
  • Consolidate shipments to distribution centers and stores for reduced transportation costs
  • Get visibility to supply chain inventory for improved demand management
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