Banks and financial firms are some of the biggest parcel shippers in the world and they are finally beginning to wrap their minds around how much money they actually spend on shipping. These industries come with very complex shipping requirements; banks and financial services contain more sources of sensitive information than most other industry segments. It is a higher concern for maintaining and monitoring all chains of custody for the items they process, considering how the workflow changes all the time.

PRECISION Shipment Execution is a global, multi-carrier transportation management system that streamlines delivery processes, provides timely deliveries and accelerated services without any inflation costs. Solutions offered with our shipment execution system allow you to accurately track sensitive materials and increase efficiencies to save you money.  With PRECISION you can:

  • Verify shipment addresses to prevent the outbound shipment of sensitive materials unless addresses are fully validated
  • Increase visibility on all transit logistics with cost control centers and internal reporting
  • Centralize rate shopping tools for quick and easy carrier price comparison and selection
  • Optimize shipment consolidation through zone skipping and grouping using automated business rules and workflows
  • Pick the best route given the shipping inputs/business rules using the Electronic Routing Guide

With PRECISIONyou can reduce transportation costs and centralize data for organization-wide visibility. Read one of our client success stories to see how PRECISION has helped organizations like yours reduce manual processes, provide better customer service and find additional costs savings in overhead reduction and third party activity.

Read one of our client success stories