Despite brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce continues to take off and it is influencing companies towards an omni-channel system. Consumer product companies manage high volume shipments every day and their widespread geographical locations make it difficult to track deliveries. By relying on a third-party solutions for transportation needs, many companies suffer from inherent limitations that prevent fast upgrades in order to keep up with an evolving market and business model.

PRECISION Shipment Execution simplifies shipping operations by providing organizations the tools necessary to manage high volume transportation logistics and the ability to meet various quality and compliance standards that differ by country. Our software provides you with the tools to consolidate your packaging needs and the ability to easily adapt to changing global demands.

With PRECISION you can:

  • Rate shop to ensure the lowest cost-on-time delivery service for your organization
  • Meet regulatory requirements by country through standardized product compliance checks
  • Use the scan pack functionality which requires no customization, only configuration to your existing hardware
  • Provide visibility and collaboration with suppliers throughout the entire procurement cycle to delivery

With PRECISION Shipment Execution, organizations can maintain a flexible supply chain and product portfolio while meeting the demands of quickly growing global trade needs. Read one of our client success stories to learn more about how PRECISION helped streamline complex transportation needs while meeting compliance standards that differ by geographic location.

Read one of our client success stories