A successful industrial manufacturer or distributor needs to keep up with complex international supply chains while maintaining a focus on security and efficiency. Enterprises, that often move high-value goods need to meet domestic and international regulations as well as exceed their customer’s expectations with timely deliveries.

PRECISION Shipment Execution Software provides companies with the tools needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive trade market while maintaining compliance with trade regulations during transportation. We can help organizations improve their visibility and control industrial manufacturing processes from beginning to end.

PRECISION helps organizations to:

  • Meet product compliance and compatibility checks for packing and proper transportation modes
  • Manage and apply multiple carrier and logistics rules using automatic routing guides
  • Automate key transportation documents for hazardous and international shipments
  • Deliver compliance of controlled or regulated items across borders with ECCN and product licensing determination

With PRECISION, industrial manufacturers can ensure timely deliveries of high-value goods while meeting international standards and keeping up with trade demands. Read one of our client success stories to find out how PRECISION can help your organization scale globally while reducing lead times and staying cost-effective.

Read one of our client success stories