The life sciences market demands efficient carrier usage and customizable services that range from country to country in order to meet growing consumer demands. The ability to serve the market is necessary. Product safety and compliance to strict industries and country regulations requires a strong command of the supply chain. Companies must maintain complete visibility and control of inventory to ensure approved drugs and devices are efficiently shipped and delivered.

PRECISION Shipment Execution provides companies with end-to-end visibility and supports multiple carriers, currencies and countries to deliver timely deliveries and increased customer satisfaction. We help organizations meet strict industry and country regulations while providing real-time transit time calculations to help get inventory to its point of use.

PRECISION helps organizations:

  • Track sensitive inventory from supplier through to delivery to your customer
  • Receive automated delivery information and easily maintain proof-of-delivery in a single system
  • Improve order fulfillment times with automated compliance checks that meet strict country and product regulations
  • Increase customer satisfaction by meeting local shipping requirements and by having additional choice of carriers
  • Reduce transportation costs through carrier and service level options by market/country

With PRECISION, businesses can reduce the cost of transportation while ensuring a timely delivery of life-saving materials. Read one of our client success stories to learn more about how PRECISION can help get your business’ inventory to its point of use while adhering to strict industry and country regulations.

Read one of our client success stories