As companies expand internationally, they look to logistics providers who can help them support global demands and new business models while keeping up with evolving customer programs. Global organizations need a system that can remain flexible but scalable in transportation and trade management across multiple regions and countries, and cater to local markets.

PRECISION’S CENTRALIZED SYSTEM can be deployed globally, resulting in a streamlined process to improve transportation management, international trade and compliance activities for customers. We can provide organizations with the tools to measure all aspects of a transaction while improving the process of implementing new software with your current hardware.

PRECISION helps organizations to:

  • Manage transportation transactions for multiple customers from one system
  • Integrate software updates to your existing systems seamlessly
  • Ensure compliance and maintain a single source of record for reporting and audit purposes
  • Increase visibility end-to-end to in transit shipments for proactive customer service
  • Deploy new customer programs and activities while keeping operations lean and centralized

With PRECISION, organizations can maintain international scalability while improving their transportation services and increasing visibility to the inventories they manage. Read one of our client success stories to learn more about how PRECISION helped improve automation through rapid software implementation.

Read one of our client success stories