Every retailer is different and most stores already have their own proprietary tools for tracking and shipping consumer products. With many of our purchases now customizable and available in a matter of days, retailers must consider multiple points and forms of manufacturing, distribution and transportation. Challenges may include managing high volumes of distribution through multiple suppliers, matching inventory to actual demand and controlling transportation costs to protect margins. A successful solution is one that focuses on the collaboration between suppliers and distributors, helps make decisions around user interface personalization and configuration.

PRECISION Shipment Execution gives retailers high-powered transportation and trade systems as well as the visibility they need to manage high volume processes. Our implementation workshop helps us to identify which systems are appropriate for retailers. Our implementation team integrates our software solutions with existing ERP, TMS and WMS systems like QAD, Oracle, SAP and more. These solutions can scale both vertically and horizontally, accounting for multiple layers of users, the total number of transactions and upgrades to shipping processes.

With PRECISION you can:

  • Cut shipping costs to reallocate budgets on projects that can help your business scale even further
  • Easily manage high volume processing with our service-oriented architecture (SOA) deployment
  • Track packages to end customers to help raise customer satisfaction levels
  • Consolidate shipments to distribution centers and stores for reduced transportation costs
  • Increase visibility to supply chain inventory for improved demand management

With PRECISION tools like SOA and PRECISION Shipment Execution, you can reduce transportation costs without sacrificing efficiency or customer satisfaction. Read one of our client success stories to learn more about how PRECISION helped a high volume electronics client eliminate workflow inefficiencies, optimize shipping costs and reduce warehouse error rates.

Customers Pickup and Drop-off Process


Why Pickups and Drop-offs?

  • The internet is changing people’s shopping habits
  • They want to shop and receive parcels when they want
  • People are working more and longer
  • The carrier is frequently finding nobody at home or the office to receive a parcel