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PRECISION Business Intelligence

Every enterprise has information bottlenecks – some are just easier to spot than others. PRECISION Business Intelligence (BI) unifies data from PRECISION Transportation Management System (TMS) and Package Exception Management (PEM) with multiple sources in your company to provide a centralized location for all of your critical information. It enables powerful reporting and allows your key decision makers to see how the business is performing overall, and pinpoint challenges and deficiencies across all logistical units in the company.

Intelligence-Based Business Decisions

When it comes to important choices affecting your company’s tactics and strategies, you don’t want to be shooting in the dark. Arm your team with all the information they need to make intelligent, informed decisions.

Our BI software integrates with two PRECISION applications currently:

  • TMS – Transportation Management System

PRECISION BI for TMS allows you to track usage, statistics and costs to manage all aspects of your end-to-end logistics from carriers to shipments

  • PEM – Package Exception Management

PRECISION BI for PEM allows you to track multi-carrier performance with statistics and reporting

Some of the features that you’ll have access to with the PRECISION BI integration are:

Application Integration

Our Business Intelligence software stands alone, but it can be easily integrated into applications that exist in the PRECISION product suite. This makes your data easy to access without complex database queries and programming resources.

Reporting, Tracking & Analytics

PRECISION BI puts information at your fingertips with a comprehensive system of reporting. Keep track of how much you’re spending on shipping, which carriers deliver on-time and more, allowing you to visually assess your day-to-day operations, and your key decision makers to see the whole picture. Data within your portal can be exported as Excel spreadsheets or in PDF format for easy sharing with non-users.

Custom Design Functionality

Set up your dashboard  to best suit your needs with the customizable framework. Change the charts, graphs and other visualized data so that the most vital information is presented in a way that makes sense to your team. The PRECISION BI portal can be accessed through a computer or native Apple iPad™ application for data on the go.

To find out how you can add PRECISION BI analysis and reporting to your applications, contact us today!

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