Global Trade Management


PRECISION Watch Video DemoGlobal Trade Management is designed to simplify global transportation management and keep shipments moving across borders without interruption. From international trade compliance and correct shipping documentation to managing customer-specific shipping requirements, PRECISION GTM software gives you the tools you need to effectively manage international trade data while keeping costs in check.

Efficiency and Control When You Need it Most

Tired of manually completing customs forms or pulling templates from separate systems? PRECISION Global Trade Management automates documentation and customs reporting from one centralized, easy to use system – helping you adhere to regulatory requirements and reduce the hidden costs associated with global trade.


Key features of the import export software include:

  • Comprehensive database of internal, regulatory and multilingual documentation including: invoices, packing lists, shippers letter of instruction, packing labels and more
  • Automated document production and distribution based on partner, product or country rules
  • Electronic customs reporting and integrations
  • Item and commodity association
  • CAP export refunds management
  • Letter of credit management
  • Landed cost calculation

Watch a 2 minute video demo of some of these import export software features, or schedule a full-length demo with one of our global trade management experts today.

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