Package Exception Management


The PRECISION Package Exception Management (PEM) module is your control center for single or multi-carrier package tracking into or out of your warehouse. When you have hundreds, thousands or even millions of shipments to track – through multiple carriers and transportation modes– PRECISION Package Exception Management makes it easy to know when action is required on an outbound shipment.

Greater Visibility for Better Service

The PRECISION Package Exception Management solution provides real-time carrier status information about packages from the time of carrier pick-up through to delivery. Plus, it notifies you if and when problems arise so you can address them  quickly and provide excellent service to your customers.

Regardless of how your outbound and return shipments are being sent — parcel, ocean or truckload — PRECISION Package Exception Management gives you the tracking visibility to be proactive with your shipping logistics. Key features of the PRECISION Package Exception Management module enable you to:

  • PEM ScreenshotReceive tracking status feeds directly from multiple carriers into a single system
  • Match shipments to shipping plans for event and exception management
  • Provide automated alerts to key personnel or other supply chain partners
  • Capture and link Proof-of-Delivery (POD) to shipment transactions
  • Track any outbound or inbound shipment associated with your carrier accounts
  • Integrate with any ERP, WMS, or TMS system

Be Efficient by Exception.

Stay on top of deliveries to and from your customers. From a single system, you will receive alerts to only the problem or potential problem packages so that issues can be addressed immediately.

  • A package is stopped in customs? Eliminate hours or days of lost time, and work with your carrier as soon as the status is posted to provide corrected or missing paperwork.
  • A package is delayed? Determine the best course-of-action to rectify the problem before it affects your customer.
  • A package is damaged? Use Package Exception Management to raise a tracer with your carrier and streamline the claims process.
  • Need proof-of-delivery (POD)? Know with certainty when packages are delivered and attach electronic images of the POD for your records and invoicing purposes.

Our goal is to help make your workforce as efficient as possible while they provide the exceptional customer service you’re known for.  Early problem detection matched with meaningful shipment information provides the tools you need to continuously improve your logistics operation.

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