Supply Chain Management


Be Better Than the Rest

Deliver the perfect order every time – all while managing costs, optimizing utilization of resources, improving inventory and shipping accuracy, and maintaining high levels of service for partners and customers  – with the QAD Supply Chain Portal.

Centralized Supply Chain Management

The QAD Supply Chain Portal is a unified and hosted supply chain management tool providing greater supply chain visibility and access to collaborative partner data.  With the Supply Chain Portal you get:


Key Inventory Information

Key inventory information is visible to you and your suppliers in real-time no matter the size or location of supply chain partners. This ensures better decision-making regarding scheduling, purchase orders, shipments, kanbans, invoices, bills of material, quality and much more.


Transportation Tracking

Give long-distance trading partners visibility into the location of their shipments while they are en-route and send “alert” messages when milestones are met or shipments are late. The Supply Chain Portal provides everything suppliers need for shipment processing, including entering ASNs electronically, and printing bar code labels.


A Paperless System

Have a single face to suppliers and trading partners, regardless of their ERP system. Our secure solution provides more current information, is easier to use, and is more reliable than methods that depend on paper or e-mail. Take communication and collaboration between suppliers and customers to the next level, with data imported, exported and received with or without EDI.


Invoice Visibility

Increase supplier self-service by giving them the power to retrieve information about payments, vouchers and settlement arrangements. The document management system integration makes Bills of Materials (BOMs) and other documents accessible to authorized suppliers, eliminating administrative work for you.

Start Increasing Productivity, Drive Profitability

Reduce the amount of unnecessary inventory sitting in storerooms, material shortages, production downtime, and time spent communicating with your supply chain partners. Precision Software makes your job of supply chain management easier and more efficient with the supply chain management software you need. Learn more about our supply chain visibility tools and contact a member of our team today!

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