Trade Compliance


As demand for international goods increases, so does the expectation that shipments will arrive on time, without issue. Keeping pace with regulatory requirements and compliance documentation rules and formats is a necessity in today’s global business environment if you want to ensure shipments keep moving on schedule.

PRECISION Trade Compliance software provides the tools to maintain an effective trade compliance program for any type of shipment. Domestic, international, import or export, we give you the ability to automate and audit processes to ensure due diligence with in-country regulatory programs or cross-border customs requirements.

“Know your Customer”

In today’s security-conscious environment, PRECISION Trade Compliance helps manage trading partner questionnaire responses for the processing of transactions relative to those partners. Depending upon risk tolerance andRogerClementbusiness practices, orders without a Status Verification Interface Participant (SVIP) id number, or a satisfactorily completed C-TPAT or AEO survey, can be blocked from further processing or the system can provide a warning to the appropriate individual/group for further actions.

License Requirements

For the import and export of goods or intellectual property, Precision Trade Compliance identifies license requirements, any available exceptions for licenses and has the ability to stop a shipment of a controlled product. If a license is required and available, the system will manage the license(s) by date, quantity and/or value and decrement against them accordingly.


Flexibility to Operate on Your Own Terms

The PRECISION Trade Compliance module gives you three ways to run trade compliance checks: ad-hoc, batch and transaction-based, offering flexible options to meet your company’s workflow needs at a given time.

Download Trade Compliance Data SheetKey Features of PRECISION Trade Compliance Software:

  • Compliance and Trade Content
  • Trading Partners / Country Screening
  • License Determination and Management
  • Data Integrity and Product/Commodity related business rules checks
  • Trade Partnership Questionnaires
  • Compliance Management Console
  • Management by Exception
  • Audit trail and Reporting
  • Keyword Checking
  • Ad-Hoc screening of countries and partners/entities
  • Fully Integrated into PRECISION Workflow
  • Data Scrub capabilities

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