Transportation Management Software

Are you facing logistics cost and capacity challenges in maintaining high levels of service for partners and customers? PRECISION TMS is a global, multi-carrier transportation solution for today’s importers, exporters and logistics service providers.

Drive Cost & Service Improvements

Video-BtnPRECISION Transportation Management Software gives you the tools to streamline global transportation management processes and increase efficiencies to save you money. Whether you’re shipping parcel, LTL, TL, ocean or air, PRECISON TMS software automates manual workflows, integrates company & carrier rule sets, and creates end-to-end traceability to:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Increase shipping accuracy
  • Centralize data for organization-wide visibility

The PRECISION Transportation Management application saves your logistics teams valuable time by preventing mistakes from inconsistent protocols and cumbersome manual processes for multiple carriers. The module’s automated workflow guides users through the steps required to complete any type of shipment transaction, improving processing time and accuracy and integrating appropriate rule sets based on carrier, destination, customer rules and more – all in one unified system.

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Key Features of PRECISION Transportation Management Software

  • Electronic Routing Guide picks the best route given the shipping inputs/business rules
  • Automated business rules and workflows control multi-carrier and multi-modal shipping costs, and optimize shipment consolidation through zone skipping and grouping
  • Centralized rate shopping tools for quick and easy carrier price comparison and selection
  • Automated production of transportation labels and documents, including error-free, compliant international paperwork and manifests
  • Freight audits against rated shipments
  • Complete shipment footprint data for reporting, analysis and tracking

Real Results, Real Success Stories

Read one of our client success stories to see how PRECISION Transportation Management Software has allowed organizations like yours to reduce manual processes, provide better service to customers and find additional cost savings through reduction in overhead, headcount and third party activity.

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