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Do You Know the Cost of Your Desktop Shipping Operations?

As a manager, your goal is to help your company run more smoothly, more effectively, and at the lowest cost possible. However, when desktop shipping, also known as “non-production parcel shipping” or “front office shipping”, is not managed properly it can significantly increase hidden costs for the company. According to a recent ARC Advisory Group study, poor management of desktop shipping can lead to shipping increases of at least 20% annually. Having a centralized desktop shipping software solution in place can help you streamline costs and increase efficiencies. Click here to read our Desktop Shipping White Paper.

Benefits of Having Centralized Control in Desktop Shipping:

    • Lower Costs: Carriers serving a mail room or local office often will not give the same rates as they will for the company’s much larger production volumes. Consolidating to a few carriers using Precision’s desktop shipping software can significantly lower annual parcel shipping costs.


    • Increase Control: With decentralized desktop shipping systems, there is no real procedure to determine who does the shipping, or the level of priority that a package is given – so people simply do what they are used to doing. Precision’s front office shipping software shops for the carrier offering the lowest rate based on the delivery time needed and restricting the cases where overnight shipment is specified. A centralized desktop shipping system can save an average of $2 per shipment…and that doesn’t even include savings from a change in the class of service!


  • Save Time: Hand written waybills take time to fill out, particularly when it is not something that is done on a day-to-day basis. Throw in international or customs forms and you’ve got a real headache on your hands. Precision’s desktop shipping system automates much of the required data entry and is designed to support specific users, multiple address books, domestic and international documentation and labels, as well as standard package types and weights.

Precision Software’s Desktop Shipping Solution

As part of our Transportation Management module, Precision provides a web-enabled Desktop Shipping user interface. It uses the same engine that supports production shipping, but was specifically developed with the infrequent user in mind. Our Desktop Shipping solution is used in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, high-tech, retail, information services, and education. Contact us today to see how we can help you save money in your desktop shipping operations and make shipments that much easier for your employees.

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