Package Tracking Software

Tracking shipments with multiple carriers and managing package delivery issues have never been easier thanks to PRECISION’s package tracking software.

Video-BtnIncrease Your Shipment Status Visibility

PRECISION’s centralized parcel tracking system gives you greater visibility on all your multi-carrier package shipments to automate and manage package tracking across your organization. All the information a carrier would send you in a status message about your package is available in the PRECISION package tracking system.

Parcel Tracking Features

  • Search any carrier you’re working with, regardless of the transportation mode.
  • Check packages in-transit: outbound, inbound or return shipments, parcel shipments, truckload shipments, or ocean shipments.
  • Track Packages from Your Desktop

  • Search & track package status by: tracking number, shipment reference number, a search reference, invoice number, customs reference number and more.
  • Automatic alerts when issues arise to help you manage problem shipments by exception.

Benefits of the PRECISION Parcel Tracking System

  • One integrated shipping and parcel tracking system
  • Reduce time spent looking for lost or problem packages
  • Avoid delays or delivery penalties
  • Correct any problems early in the process to ensure shipments stay on track to their final destination
  • Increase efficiency in the mailroom
  • Automatically generate reports for package tracking
  • Automate proof of delivery processes

Precision has your package tracking software needs covered.  Watch a 2-minute Package Exception Management (PEM) video demo now, or contact a representative to see a full-length demo of our parcel tracking solution.

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