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Faster Implementation Means Faster ROI

PRECISION Cloud is web-based software, designed to help companies automate and control their shipping operations including transportation management, global trade management and compliance, to save money and time. With PRECISION Cloud, you can now leverage the functionality of our proven, feature-rich application in a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model.

PRECISION Cloud maintains the same comprehensive shipping, customs, trade compliance and supply chain tool sets that integrate with your ERP solution such as QAD, SAP and Oracle. Since there are no on-premise infrastructure and lengthy software installs required with PRECISION Cloud, ROI can be realized immediately. When our experienced TMS experts get you up and running, shipping becomes more efficient essentially overnight.


Benefits of using PRECISION’s Cloud Solution:

Capital Expense Elimination: With no hardware, IT infrastructure, or requirement for unified global connectivity, there is no large upfront cost to deploy PRECISION Cloud. This allows your company to bypass capital investment and achieve a faster ROI.
Scalability: PRECISION Cloud flexes as you need it. Factors such as new product launches, holiday volumes and company acquisitions are accommodated by our virtualized solution. So there is never a need for additional permanent infrastructure to manage temporary peaks or changes in business. As your business grows, PRECISION Cloud grows with you.
Express Carrier Network Access: When you adopt PRECISION Cloud, you get more than a software tool. You get access to our Express Carrier Network. We’ve established the carrier relationships and optimized the software integrations so when you need to add or change a carrier, it’s seamless.
Perpetually Up-To-Date Content & Data: Precision Software is plugged into all the right resources to ensure content like embargoed countries lists, denied party screening data, and integrated carrier rates, routings and service info is always up-to-date. And, with PRECISION Cloud, you get the updates automatically.
One Planet, One System: With a SaaS architecture, you can have global visibility across your entire operation in one system. Upgrades and updates are deployed at the source so all users in your company can run the exact same version of the software, no matter where they are working, and without costly global rollouts. Since you do not need to hire or train additional staff to implement, manage and maintain the software, your head count stays focused on your business, not on the tool.
Your Productivity, Our Ecosystem: Your customers don’t tolerate downtime; neither do we. There’s no need to worry about service interruptions in the middle of a demanding production cycle; redundancy and mirrored servers keep PRECISION Cloud up and running 24/7. Inherent disaster recovery can get you back up and running if the unthinkable should happen, and since core product knowledge is housed at Precision, you won’t lose that knowledge due to retirements, advancement or turnover of key staff.
Built-in Continuous Improvement: When any customer helps us improve PRECISION Cloud, you get the benefit through core software updates. So while we stay on top of product enhancements and software efficiencies, your IT staff and software developers can focus on other critical business initiatives, all the while saving you time and money.