How Do I Choose?

SaaS v. Infrastructure

For the majority of organizations, a PRECISION Cloud SaaS deployment model will be the most cost effective and robust solution.

First, PRECISION Cloud requires no infrastructure specification, procurement, configuration or debugging. Since you aren’t investing upfront capital to build the platform on which PRECISION will run, you can realize more immediate productivity results and a faster return on your PRECISION solutions. Small companies that may have thought PRECISION enterprise solutions were out of their reach can easily consider PRECISION Cloud for these same reasons.

Cost savings can be realized as well for maintenance, support, future infrastructure upgrades, and the on-premise or datacenter space for hosting.

In addition, PRECISION Cloud is far easier to manage globally since SaaS has fewer elements involved in rolling out to multiple facilities or even multiple users at one facility.

There are, however, certain circumstances that may motivate an organization to consider an on-premise solution. For example, companies that are highly regulated, such as certain kinds of medical manufacturers, may have special requirements for software use and deployment. Similarly, organizations requiring workflow customization to an unusually high degree may have reason to retain some level of legacy in an on-premise deployment (our Cloud solution is highly configurable – contact Precision Software about your customization needs).

Whatever your specific situation, contact Precision Software today to get expert advice on what deployment method will provide the best value to your organization.


Note For Existing Customers…

Already a Precision Software customer with an on-premise implementation? PRECISION Cloud may be the right option for you.  As your aging infrastructure nears obsolescence or as your organization grows, you may face a decision point to invest more in your existing implementation or move to a more flexible, scalable setup that saves you time and money in the long run.


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Schedule a consultation with your Precision representative to help you identify the most advantageous path for your company’s specific situation.

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