Four Reasons Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Should Top Every 3PL’s Technology List


The world of 3PL is changing. Smaller shipments are going to more places, via more carriers, than ever before. Parcel shipping is expected to grow 20% between 2016 and 2018, fuelled by e-commerce and customer drop ship requests. Today’s 3PL firms are just as likely to be shipping small packages to far-flung parts of the […]

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Industry Insight: Audi AG—How is the automotive giant tackling future supply chain challenges?


This week, Audi revealed its new A8 flagship luxury saloon at Barcelona with a true first – Level 3 autonomous driving and Precision Software was keen to hear the supply chain challenges facing the big German luxury car manufacturer in 2017 and beyond. Audi Chairman, Rupert Stadler said this week, “Electrification and digitisation represent an […]

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Multi-Carrier Shipping and Trade Compliance Software: How 3PLs Can Increase ROI, Adapt to Customer Change and Facilitate Global Growth with Technology


Technology and trade are transforming the 3PL business and the businesses of the customers it serves. The World Trade Organization predicts that global trade will continue to recover, growing at 3.6% in 2017. In addition to reducing the cost of imports from abroad, trade has also created new export markets for American and European firms. […]

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PRECISION Multi-Carrier Shipping and Managing Global Automotive Trade: Beyond the Expected


Ever wondered how many parts go into producing a standard car? Some estimate it’s around 30,000. Mind you, if it’s a truck, then it’s considerably more. Understandably, with such complexity in shipping parts comes a bigger workload for the logistics team. There is also the issue of trust. How does a manufacturer ensure a supplier […]

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PRECISION Automotive and OEM Trade Compliance: Managing an Automotive reputation is your business—protecting it is ours


Automotive and OEM trade compliance is a minefield. Every day your business is being exposed to potentially enormous risks – usually without you ever knowing about it. It could be an employee breaching a denied party list. Maybe it’s a logistics manager failing to prove prior due diligence with a parts shipment. Perhaps someone from […]

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