Tips to Reduce Risk and Improve Security in the Global Financial Supply Chain


Even the smoothest-running logistics organization faces threats to its business, whether it’s natural disasters that can strike without warning, slower moving political changes that can impact regulatory compliance at home or abroad, labor shortages and even common threats like physical security, theft or loss. Recent research indicates that in 2015 alone, the cost of these […]

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2017 Trends in Banking and Finance Logistics


As financial services organizations look forward to how banking logistics will evolve in 2017, there are several trends emerging, particularly in the areas of technology innovation, regulatory compliance and optimization pressure. Let’s take a closer look at these three trends.  Evolving Technology Technology innovation in the realm of cloud services and mobile will continue to […]

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Shipping Execution

How Shipping Rates and E-commerce Drive Demand for More Efficient Shipping Solutions


E-commerce is rapidly expanding with each passing day. As of this writing, the numbers haven’t been reported for 2016’s online volumes, but indicators are that it was a banner year for online and mobile commerce, continuing and expanding on 2015’s e-commerce growth of more than 14%. Certainly if the 2016 online Christmas shopping season was […]

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Shipment Execution

Banking With Minimal Risk – The Relationship Between Shipment Execution and Financial Success


Banks and financial institutes spend a lot of money annually on shipping. Recently, Deloitte and Touche estimated that the costs of handling money exceed $300 Billion annually. Although many documents can now be transferred electronically, banks and financial institutions still incur significant costs to ship physical documents across town and around the world. While there […]

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2017 FedEx Compatible Summit


Precision Software has been invited to the 2017 FedEx Compatible Summit. The summit will take place in Amsterdam from February 19th – 21st, 2017 at the Sofitel Legend Grand Amsterdam Hotel. This year’s FedEx Compatible Summit is going to be a stimulating look at FedEx’s impact on global logistics growth and the emerging trends within transportation […]

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