Every enterprise faces information bottlenecks and when it comes to making important decisions for your company, you don’t want to be left guessing about the facts. Empower your key decision makers with all of the information they need to make intelligent, informed decisions while keeping an eye on how the business is performing overall.

PRECISION Business Intelligence integrates data from PRECISION Enterprise Shipping Software and Package Exception Management (PEM) with multiple sources within your company for powerful reporting. PRECISION BI helps you track usage, statistics and costs to manage all aspects of your end-to-end logistics from carriers to shipments. PRECISION BI also allows you to track multi-carrier performance with statistics as well as reporting.

Precision Software centralizes your critical information so you can confidently lead your company when it’s time for decision making. With PRECISION Business Intelligence, you can:

  • Visually assess your day-to-day operations with our comprehensive system of reporting
  • Seamlessly integrate BI with applications that exist in the Precision product suite
  • Pinpoint challenges and deficiencies across all logistical units in your company
  • Export all data in your data as an Excel spreadsheet or in a PDF form
  • Customize your dashboard so the most vital information is presented in the forefront
  • Access your BI portal through a computer or a native Apple iPad application