A manager’s goal is to help a company run smoothly and cost-efficiently, but when desktop shipping is not managed properly it can increase hidden costs for the company. Also known as “non-production” parcel shipping, desktop shipping operations can lead to shipment increases of at least 20% annually. Successful organizations need a centralized solution in place to help cut costs while improving shipping efficiencies.

PRECISION Desktop Shipping Software can assist managers and organizations in lowering costs while increasing control over shipping options. By managing the non-production shipping done within your company and create the required documentation for shipments with PRECISION automated software. As part of our transportation management module, PRECISION Desktop Shipping Software provides a web-enabled user interface that was specifically developed with the infrequent user in mind.

Precision Software helps your organization save money with your desktop shipping operations and makes shipments easier for your employees. With PRECISION Desktop Shipping Software, your company can:

  • Gain visibility and control needed to implement shipping policies, leverage carrier relationships or contracts and manage costs
  • Establish company-wide rates with preferred carriers and control the class of service
  • Consolidate to a few carriers to significantly lower annual parcel shipping costs
  • Run compliance checks to ensure parcels are not shipped to denied parties or embargoed countries
  • Create documentation required for shipments, regardless of originating location or specialized requirements