Benefit From a Best in Class Export Processes

Proactively ensure that your export processes, including trade compliance, shipping and documentation requirements, are met. PRECISION complements and integrates with your system of record to build a comprehensive item master/product database that captures product attributes to flag key data, documentation and screening requirements. Capturing business rules such that there is a risk-mitigated, consistent approach to international trade.

Gain Confidence in Shipment Execution

The heart of any Global Trade Management strategy is a comprehensive item master / product database that stores key product attributes and country-specific rules. PRECISION promotes greater on-time shipping accuracy and customer confidence while reducing compliance exposure by automatically alerting you to critical export shipping and/or regulatory controls. This includes proactive export screening and license determination.

Digitize Your Supply Chain

Critical to your GTM strategy is the ability to capture business specific export rules and processes that are typically managed by a few specialist with domain expertise. PRECISION automates and aligns processes for consistent global trade and transportation execution by streamlining the production of export shipping documentation and electronically filing export declarations.