Global trade management is labor intensive. It involves a high volume of paperwork and an understanding of both the costs and risks associated with global trade. Trade compliance is an issue, but so is cost. Because their parcel shipping needs are so complex, companies involved in global trade often become overly dependent on a few carriers, leaving them vulnerable to higher prices on their shipping. Trust is an issue with international transactions as well; companies often need to present letters of credit to their suppliers to confirm their ability to pay for the items they are receiving.

These factors make global trade management a significant challenge for international businesses.

PRECISION Global Trade Management software helps global organizations rise to these challenges by delivering intelligence to:

Controlling and reducing global parcel shipping costs – If your global shipping operations rely on a few select shippers, then you’re likely paying too much. Our international shipping software helps you compare service levels and cost between shippers so you can find the one that meets your needs at the lowest cost.

Providing Visibility – Our global trade management software provides complete visibility into the transportation process. Our solution gives you visibility into all shipments and carriers, helping you to be proactive with all of your shipments.

Automating customs and industry reporting – Precision allows you to automate industry specific documentation and customs reporting, delivering access to a multi lingual database of certified customs and other international documents. Industry reporting is streamlined with a configurable catalog of product classification codes by country, along with item and commodity association.

Streamlining global parcel shipping processes – Precision’s global trade management software makes it easy to deploy a more uniform way of working with international shipments. Price and service comparisons between shippers are handled the same way every time, while paperwork is streamlined across carriers no matter where your shipment is headed.

Improving trust between partners – With our global trade management software, you’ll be able to enhance trust between suppliers and customers. Payment concerns are alleviated with letter of credit management, while customs declarations and other documents are translated and electronically distributed automatically to those who need them.

With PRECISION Global Trade Management software, you’ll have a trusted source for all data about global shipments and carriers, better control of shipping and export processes  and fewer questions about how to handle each individual shipment. You’ll be able to focus less on paperwork and processes, and more on exceeding customer expectations and setting yourself apart from your competition.

To learn more about how Precision parcel shipping software can lower costs and increase the efficiency of your global trade management efforts, schedule a free consultation today.