When it comes to managing your customer experience, your ability to meet delivery expectations and reduce cost is one of the most important aspects of customer service. Yet, this is the part of your customer experience that your organization doesn’t actually control. That’s why selecting the right carrier or mode of transport, and being able to track and analyze carrier performance is so important. You may provide top-notch service before your shipment leaves the dock, but from there the customer experience depends on your carriers to deliver on your promises reliably and cost-effectively.

PRECISION Multi Carrier Shipping software helps your organization meet these requirements by delivering the ability to manage, compare and negotiate better carrier service and rates from multiple carriers right from your desktop, all on a single platform.

How does PRECISION global multi carrier shipping software tackle your parcel shipping needs? Many shippers like UPS or FedEx offer their own proprietary applications that allow businesses to send shipments right from their desktops. However, these applications can put you at a distinct disadvantage by making it challenging to compare rates, routes and service levels across multiple carriers and modes. This leaves many companies dependent on a single shipper; that means less negotiating power, higher shipping costs and lower levels of customer service.

PRECISION Multi Carrier Shipping software helps you manage your customer experience by delivering the data you need to determine which shipper can deliver the best service and optimal routing at the lowest cost. It streamlines and automates global and domestic parcel shipping processes, from determining rates and optimizing routes to producing labels, running reports and analyzing carrier performance. It allows you to manage service levels for any mode of shipment so that you can meet – and even exceed – customer expectations.

PRECISION Multi Carrier Shipping Software Delivers:

  • Multi carrier and multi modal shipment management. Save time and labor by managing shipments traveling by multiple carriers or modes (air, sea or land) from a single platform.
  • Automated workflows and business rules. Reduce costs by streamlining processes regardless of which carrier or mode of transportation you’re using.
  • More accurate “landed cost” calculations for global shipments. Visualize total cost for each shipment, including international, domestic, land, sea or air shipments, currency factors, duty and documentation.
  • Centralized and streamlined documentation production. Increase accuracy and reduce costs and labor for low-value activities such as labeling and documentation production.

Learn more about how PRECISION Multi Carrier Shipping software can reduce labor and costs associated with managing multiple carriers and modes of travel, while driving efficiency and improving customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our global parcel shipping software solutions.