Leverage Automated Alerts and System Holds

Most organizations find managing cross border trade to be labor intensive and desire more control. PRECISION provides automated alerts when a shipment or trading partner is subject to special regulatory controls. Through smart business rules, workflow tasks, escalations and due dates can be assigned to the proper resource. PRECISION ensures all export controls have been satisfied before the shipment is released.

Improve Operational Visibility and Management

Data driven visibility tools are critical to developing internal key performance indices and management reports. PRECISION analytics provide on demand dashboard views of key operational statistics, metrics and trends, such as the number and types of shipment holds and Denied Party Screening volume.

Perform Due Diligence & Be Audit-Ready

An inherent necessity of any export compliance program is the ability to mitigate the risks associated with regulatory compliance. By implementing PRECISION at the very beginning of the export sales process, automated workflows can vet key elements of the transaction to ensure that the sale can proceed, while creating an electronic audit trail. Leverage PRECISION to verify that the trading partner has passed DPL screening, determine the End Use of the item, validate that the country of destination has been approved and ensure that any special documentation or actions are included to support your reporting to authorities.