As technology brings people closer together, your trading partners can be located right next-door or halfway around the globe.

Increasingly complex global trade environments create challenges for your business: more regulatory exposure, higher labor costs to manage international shipments, slower order transit and fulfillment times and more exposure to risk. Failure to meet these challenges may mean fines, penalties, shipping delays, missed delivery deadlines, and failure to meet customer expectations.

PRECISION Trade Compliance software addresses these issues by ensuring that every shipment to or from a trading partner, supplier or customer is in compliance with federal and international law.

Our export compliance software provides:

Real time updates of trusted content from regulatory agencies, including licensing lists and lists of sanctioned countries, entities and persons. Rather than spend hours poring over the latest regulations when you need to send or receive shipments overseas, our trade management software allows you to automate your compliance processes and maintain more accurate records, facilitating border transit times and ensuring that the documentation you need is available when and where you need it.

Automated checks and documentation procedures to ensure your compliance audit trail is maintained. Our trade compliance software ensures every transaction is in compliance with a fully documented audit trail, while export compliance tools ensure due diligence with in-country regulatory programs and cross-border customs requirements, while offering the flexibility to meet your company’s workflow needs.

Multiple screening options mean you can run checks to ensure compliance any time you need to on an ad-hoc, batch or transaction basis. PRECISION export compliance software helps manage shipments that require proper licensing and must meet strict guidelines in today’s security-conscious environment, whether you handle overseas shipments once in a while or once a day.

PRECISION Trade Compliance software helps organizations manage global trade and meet customer expectations by delivering:

  • A trade compliance console that monitors changes to trade regulations and published lists such as the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions list.
  • Country screening and trading partner screening to avoid doing business with countries or entities that appear on official embargo or sanctions lists.
  • License management to identify and manage license requirements by country or item, including date, quantity and/or value.
  • Audit trail and reporting to improve accuracy of compliance-related data and manage product-related compliance checks.

An effective global trade compliance program is a must for companies doing business internationally. Find out more about how Precision can help you manage trade compliance: Schedule a free consultation today.