Imagine for a moment, you’re a customer. You’ve chosen what you want to purchase and you’re all set to buy. You’ve entered your payment details and are presented with shipping dates and costs. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit, it seems.

According to the Baymard Institute, 61% of customers abandoned their online purchases because of excessive shipping costs and other fees. Put it another way, six out of every ten purchases your customers want to make may end up being abandoned. In fact of the 59% of customers surveyed, their biggest concern was high shipping costs.

What’s more staggering? 75% of customers surveyed stated that if free shipping was offered it would sway their purchase. That’s not just alarming—it’s detrimental to your retail business. A report conducted by Accenture and Forrester found a significant gap between what the customer expects and what a retailer’s omni-channel process actually delivers.

To drive down costs, a retailer looks at a single parcel shipping solution. By aligning a retailer’s omni-channel shipping process to one carrier, the retailer is immediately restricting themselves to that one carrier’s single offering. The options of comparing things like carrier buy and sell rates; routes and past performance against other carriers—the really important stuff—are never available.

Precision’s Multi-Carrier and Enterprise Shipping Solution opens a new world of options for retailers. The possibilities include:

  • Address validation & in-transit visibility
  • Automate returns
  • Diversify carrier options
  • Ship-to-Store & Pick-up-Drop-off support (PUDO)
  • Support Retailers movement to Global Sales and shipment capability.

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