Ever wondered how many parts go into producing a standard car? Some estimate it’s around 30,000. Mind you, if it’s a truck, then it’s considerably more. Understandably, with such complexity in shipping parts comes a bigger workload for the logistics team. There is also the issue of trust. How does a manufacturer ensure a supplier receives letters of credit to release the parts they’re urgently depending on?

No wonder many automotive companies choose the path of least resistance when choosing heavy freight carriers – they depend on a trusted few. What happens when shipping smaller parcel parts to dealers or customers? Usually companies are restricting themselves to the prices the parcel carriers are offering, instead of choosing the best from them all.

But the right parcel shipping software solution makes all the difference. With PRECISION Multi Carrier and Enterprise Shipping you’re the one taking back commercial control. Immediately you’ll be comparing carrier service levels with full visibility, searching the optimum delivery routes by carrier – and always getting the lowest cost. Just consider the advantages: You’ll have the ability to create export documents, packing lists for shipments and customs filing from a library of hundreds of documents. All from your desktop.

There’s full support for multi-lingual orders through Precision’s own database – imagine how much time that saves – and a wholly configurable catalogue of product classifications by every country you’re shipping to. It will even manage letters of credit and automatically translate documents on the fly for electronic distribution.

Like we said, Precision takes parcel shipping software beyond the expected. More control, better visibility and optimum routes at the very best price.

That’s smart. That’s Precision. The global partner delivering intelligence.

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