The future is here for automotive OEMs. Is the technology you use to support your shipping ready for it? Consider these challenges facing OEMs:

  • Cars and heavy equipment are more complex and increasingly reliant on sophisticated computing technology. How complex have today’s vehicles become? Consider the number of parts it takes to make a car: 100 years ago, it took about 1500 parts to make a Ford Model T. Today it takes more than 30,000 parts to build a car, according to Toyota.
  • Parts and components have also become more complex. Vehicles are rapidly becoming “rolling computers with an Internet connection.” In fact, Computerworld predicts that by 2020, 75% of the world’s vehicles will be connected to the Internet of Things. By 2035, there could be more than a million autonomous vehicles on the road. Increased connectivity adds to the complexity of manufacturing and distribution and is blurring the line between the automotive and tech industry.
  • The landscape of shipping is also changing. In the past, OEMs relied on large freight shipping and traditional distribution within established markets. Today, shipping is becoming more complex. Vehicles are staying on the road longer, which means more repairs and shipping of individual parts. Globalization means parts may be going to more places.

All of these factors make selecting technology to support OEM shipping processes challenging. In an industry where things are changing quickly and where technology is playing such a big role, future-proofing your shipping with the right parcel shipping software just makes sense.

What is Future-Proofing?

Future-proofing means preparing your business for the future by making business decisions today that can minimize the risk of future changes to your business. Put another way, it means selecting systems that will not require extensive changes or replacement as technology changes.

Technology is changing all the time. But there are still things you can do to minimize the impact on your business.


If you’re looking to future-proof your shipping or any business process, then a solution that is fully extensible is key. Most businesses have unique processes and requirements that provide competitive advantage. Policies and procedures evolve over time to manage these kinds of differences; your systems likewise should be able to evolve.

Extensible solutions meet this need to evolve with future requirements by allow you to easily add-on or extend the solution as business requirements change. With PRECISION Software, you can extend your solution to meet dynamic requirements through our Workflow, Event Rules and Routing Guide.  

Traditional ERP & WMS solutions don’t handle parcel shipping as well as a solution built for that purpose. By integrating PRECISION with your other logistics software, you can preserve the investment made into your ERP/WMS strategy while at the same time accommodating new supply chain demands. Every PRECISION parcel shipping software solution, from Multi-Carrier and Enterprise Shipping and Desktop Shipping to Trade Compliance and Global Trade Management, can be integrated with your existing or future ERP or TMS solutions, extending their ability to adapt to your evolving shipping needs.

Today, your biggest concern might be better management of your global trade business. Tomorrow, you might be transitioning from freight to individual parcel shipping. Whatever your shipping needs, Precision Software can help you manage them. We’re one vendor with multiple solutions: You can add the modules you need today and extend the solutions as your shipping profile changes, all while streamlining and reducing your IT footprint.

Cloud Solutions

We can’t avoid change, but we can minimize its effect on our business by “outsourcing” the negative impacts of change. This is one of the biggest benefits of a cloud solution:  The negative business impacts and behind the scenes work of upgrades and maintenance are managed by the software provider, not by you.

PRECISION parcel shipping software is available both as an on-premise or cloud solution. PRECISION Cloud solutions reduce your upfront costs today, while future-proofing your business. Future upgrades and maintenance are all handled by us, with no additional license or upgrade fees.

Acquisitions and industry change are a fact of life for OEM companies; PRECISION Cloud solutions position your business to adapt with a simple, scalable solution that meets your needs, whether you expand into a new market or acquire another firm.

PRECISION Cloud solutions also help OEMs deal with one of the biggest technology challenges they face: Data security in the age of the smart vehicle. Managing and protecting sensitive data such as GPS coordinates isn’t an automotive firm’s core competency. Technology is what we do at PRECISION. Our top priority is data security and customer privacy, and we abide by or exceed all European and US data privacy regulations.

Global Capabilities

Today, OEMs are global in nature. Cars, heavy equipment, components and parts can be made in—or shipped to—nearly any country in the world. Today, you might be shipping components to a distributor in Dallas or Dusseldorf. Tomorrow, you might be shipping a single part to a repair shop in Dubai or Dongguan.

Smaller shipments headed to more places around the globe means you need global support. PRECISION parcel shipping software offers industry-leading localization and support for growing markets like Latin America and Asia. We also have a global support organization, which means that no matter where your shipments are bound, a Precision Software support specialist can make sure they get there quickly and cost-effectively.


OEMs face increasing risk, complexity and time sensitivity when it comes to their shipping. When parts are needed for repair, every minute costs the customer money. Future-proof parcel shipping software manages and streamlines your documentation, provides visibility into cost and routing and streamlines global shipping—all while allowing for growth and adapting to future changes.

Technology is transforming the automotive and heavy equipment OEM industry. By future-proofing your shipping with PRECISION parcel shipping software, you’re ensuring that your business is positioned to meet the challenge.


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