Be Sustainable

Greening your supply chain, transportation and global trade operations isn’t just good for the environment.  It’s good for the bottom line.  You can accomplish multiple objectives, including a reduction in your carbon footprint, by creating more efficient methods for moving goods, managing loads, and minimizing “paper” work with Precision Software.

It’s easier than ever to increase sustainability with PRECISION’s suite of solutions.  How does PRECISION support your green initiatives?

  • By comparing more carriers and routes in one centralized platform, you can select the most efficient paths without the hassle of extra busywork.
  • You can analyze shipping methods and reduce freight costs by investigating consolidation opportunities and possibly shifting modes of transportation.
  • With the data in PRECISION’s platform, you can drill into the details and uncover culprits such as expedited shipments and fuel surcharges.
  • You can even save paper with electronic distribution and by filing documentation electronically — directly from the PRECISION platform.

Considering that as much as 75% of a company’s carbon footprint can come from its supply chain – this is an area where PRECISION’s suite enables you to make a difference by reducing environmental impact and at the same time driving cost and operational efficiencies.

Take a tour of the PRECISION suite and see for yourself how the integrated platform can have a positive impact on your organization’s “carbonomics.”  Call us at (312) 239-1630 or reach out to us via the web today.