Cloud and On-Premise

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Cloud services provide growth-minded organizations with the ability to move capital expenses to operational expenses, while requiring less maintenance and automatic upgrades.

Customers moving to cloud technology eliminate the need for IT and hardware resources while moving their information to a secure, private cloud environment.

An integrated cloud service provides your organization with the newest application features, propelling you forward past your competitors and giving your logistics solutions a competitive advantage.

On Premise

As trusted advisers, we know that your information systems strategy may include on-premise application management. We readily support this deployment alternative, starting with a traditional software license to ensure that you get the most out of your technology investments. Our team will then work with your IT infrastructure team to ensure proper sizing that supports and enhances your performance objectives. Formal training and knowledge transfer will be delivered so your existing staff can easily manage and control the solution. And carrier and global trade content can be uploaded manually or automatically to your host system on a daily basis, making ongoing operations stress-free.


At Precision Software, we understand that both the cloud and on-premise models have benefits, and that the solution you choose should be based not just on cost but on all the needs of your business.

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