Deploy and Maintain an Enterprise-Wide Global Trade and Transportation Execution Standard

Balancing regional, departmental and enterprise requirements is critical in achieving your project goals. PRECISION PMI Certified Consultants will facilitate orderly change across your enterprise. We will proactively manage the budget, timeline, deliverables and adhere to project governance.

  • Expert Resources

    Expert Resources

    Access knowledgeable resources to support your global delivery requirements.

  • Consultant Experience

    Consultant Experience

    Benefit from an average experience level of 10+ years from each of our highly-trained PRECISION experts.

  • Industry Best Practices

    Industry Best Practices

    Ensure on-time deployment and a faster realization of ROI with proven processes and tools that are field-tested in the industry.

  • Continuous Education

    Continuous Education

    Know that the expert guidance you receive is based on the latest technology and industry standards.

  • Faster Response Times

    Faster Response Times

    Gain easier access and faster response times, a result of our service team’s side-by-side connections with R&D and support.

Easy Onboarding

Precision Easy On Boarding (EOB) offers an industry best practice solution with predictable costs and reduced implementation times. EOB gives you rapid prototyping of end-to-end processes to ensure information accuracy, consistency and accessibility across all other systems.

Continuous Improvement and Upgrades

Most organizations have adopted ISO standards as a process for managing and documenting their continuous improvement effort. As an ISO certified organization, Precision supports our customer’s journey. Annually, we provide a free assessment which we call a “Vision.” A Vision benchmarks your business against best in class processes. During this session, we also advise on potential process improvements as well as upcoming system enhancements.

Implementation Methodology



  • Kick off project
  • Agree on business process solution design
  • Agree on project controls
  • Agree on project plan and resources
  • Determine core model/rollout requirements

Design & Configure


  • Complete process and technical design
  • Train core team
  • Build system, scripts and user procedures
  • Develop, deliver and test custom solution
  • Validate and refine solution via CRP cycles

Test & Accept


  • Train end users
  • Compile data validations and functional testing
  • Complete system and performance testing
  • Conduct stakeholder validation session
  • Develop cut-over and deployment strategy

Deploy & Evolve


  • Complete final data load
  • Execute cut-over plan
  • Complete post-launch evaluation
  • Manage applications and support
  • Adjust core model and rollout plan

*Project Management, Communication & Change Management
*Elapsed time of implementation varies by project.