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Our process

At Precision, our goal is simple: to help our customers succeed through collaboration. Through discovery, onboarding and intelligence gathering, we work to employ industry-specific best practices for all of our customers. For your business to succeed, it’s more than just the process; success begins with your people and a winning culture. Precision focuses on cultivating a true partnership with your organization to ensure your company takes full advantage of the solutions we offer to exceed your business goals around the world.

Functional workshop

The first step in any process is understanding your company’s requirements and goals. During this session, Precision talks through a prospective customer’s strategy and begins mapping out a solution. We also provide product demonstrations so that you have a better understanding of how our software performs and the capabilities we can provide. At the end of the first workshop, Precision will produce a final deliverable validating the project, highlighting risks and rewards and create a process map.

Implementation planning workshop

Precision will use this session to discuss implementation methodologies and to understand what resources and timelines are required. This is the first time the management team will be involved and this also provides an opportunity to identify any gaps between the customer and Precision Software.

  • Planning

  • Personalization

  • Testing

  • Deployment

After consulting with a Precision sales representative, you will receive a detailed project roadmap that will walk you through a series of custom-tailored solutions based on your company’s needs. This proposal will include an overview of the project summary, options for deployment, the types of technology we use, information on implementation, support overview, summary of investment and a recommendation for next steps. At Precision, we take pride in personalizing solutions to support your organization and each project proposal is unique to your company based on the individual consultation. Your vision is our vision.

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