Consumer Products

Consumer Product companies not only face the customary pressures of growth and profitability, but they do so today in the presence of additional compliance and competitive challenges as the global supply chain becomes more and more dynamic.


Maintain a flexible supply chain and product portfolio, ready to react to changes in quantity and location of demand; reduce / control transportation and trade costs; meet rigorous quality and compliance standards that differ by country.


Precision provides consumer product organizations with the tools necessary to manage complex transportation and global trade needs through:

  • Rate shopping to ensure “lowest cost on-time delivery”
  • Consolidations and support for zone-skipping to help reduce overall transportation charges
  • Restricted Party checks for all parties involved in the transaction
  • Product compliance checks to meet regulatory requirements by country
  • Visibility and collaboration with suppliers throughout the entire procurement cycle through to delivery
  • Package tracking to end customers to ensure top quality customer service