As an industrial manufacturer or distributor today, managing the intricacy of products and processes is just one aspect of a global supply chain that is becoming progressively more complicated.  An increased focus on security, reduced lead times and global competition all combine to exert pressure on your team and your bottom line — making efficiency and awareness the name of the game.


Maintain compliance with product regulations during transportation; move complex and often high value goods efficiently — domestically or across borders; meet and exceed customer service expectations with on-time deliveries.


Precision supplies the visibility and control industrial manufacturers and distributors need to manage complex packing, transportation and trade regulations through:

  • Product compliance and compatibility checks for packing and proper transportation modes
  • Automatic routing guide to manage and apply multiple carrier / logistics contracts and rules
  • ECCN and product license determination to ensure compliance of controlled / regulated items across borders
  • Automation of key transportation documents for hazardous and international shipments
  • Support for multi-modal shipments, consolidations and required documentation