Even without a tangible inventory of products, banks and financial firms are still some of the biggest parcel shippers in the world. From loan documents to credit agreements, financial institutions are responsible for sending sensitive information that, if left in the wrong hands, could result in numerous penalties and lost customers. Without a centralized system to generate documentation, control shipping rates and manage compliance, firms are forced to take big risks in shipping sensitive material.

With PRECISION’s global trade and transportation execution solution, bankers and financiers know that their shipments will be handled with the utmost care, safeguarding sensitive information and preventing package theft during transit. Firms can accurately estimate delivery times while choosing carriers with the best rates and most reliable routes, reducing costs and keeping account holders happy.

Choose the Most Reliable Carriers

With sensitive information comes the need to ensure on-time delivery to authorized recipients and locations. But proprietary systems often force you to use a single carrier, restricting you from choosing the fastest routes or most cost-effective delivery methods.

PRECISION Transportation Execution ensures you get the best rates and delivery options by comparing carrier transit times, arrival dates and more based on the unique details of each shipment. Plus, you can choose carriers based on their reliability and ability to meet your compliance regulations, reducing your risk of loss or theft.

Get Visibility into Your Shipping Operations

Shipping financial documents and agreements to clients and other branches is an everyday reality for banks. These occurrences add up, making it hard to keep track of where every shipment goes, whether it was delivered on-time or how much it costs the firm.

PRECISION provides the shipping and chain of custody system you need to improve how you move your packages around the country and the world, allowing you to track shipments, regulate costs and gather data to optimize future shipping. Plus, you can confidently meet the regulatory requirements of every nation you ship to, automatically flagging compliance issues with our delivery exception management tools and proactively generating the necessary documentation—ultimately reducing delays and saving time, money and frustration.

Keep Shipping Costs Down

Banks and financial firms move countless contracts, agreements and other documents between branches, customers and third parties throughout the year, which can add up to millions in shipping costs.

Desktop shipping is just one of the ways banks and financial firms can regain control over their parcel and non-production shipping expenses. Our walk-up user interface helps you regulate these one-off shipments, reducing hidden costs and giving employees clear workflows for their non-production shipping needs. And PRECISION’s multi-carrier options make carriers compete for your business, letting you choose the best means of delivery to keep your bottom line healthy and your clients happy.

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