Omni-channel order fulfillment has made it easy for consumers to place orders with retailers whenever and wherever. To meet customer expectations, retailers depend on the fastest and most efficient product shipments—putting you on the spot for the utmost speed and reliability.

PRECISION ensures that your team can not only fulfill product orders, but also get shipments there faster and with greater efficiency. Our complete shipping and global trade management system gives you full visibility into your entire operation, automating processes like documentation and reporting and alerting you when delivery exceptions arise. PRECISION puts your team in the driver’s seat to decide the best carriers and high-volume shipping options for navigating compliance requirements, avoiding hidden fees and meeting retailers’ demands.

Select Your Preferred Carriers

The consumer products and retail industries are among the most volatile—rapidly changing and shifting depending on multiple buying seasons throughout the year. In order to respond to and meet those needs, consumer products manufacturers must be ready to fill orders as quickly as possible. And with more channels than ever for consumers to place orders, high demand situations can hit quick. If your carrier management system isn’t capable of determining the best rates or routes, you could be hit with high charges and unhappy customers.

Using the PRECISION Transportation Execution solution means you never have to settle for a “default” carrier. Your team can explore the best rates, fastest routes and most efficient modes of transportation to not only deliver your shipment, but also save you time and money in the process. Now you can decide the best strategies to balance the changing needs between peak buying times and supply chain management.

See Your Complete Shipping Operation

It’s not just about brick and mortar retail locations anymore—the increase in online fulfillment centers and warehouses leaves your team grappling with more destinations than ever. Shipping nationally and internationally is made even harder when you add numerous global trade requirements, customs reporting and potentially debilitating penalties for non-compliance.

With PRECISION, you can see beyond minute details and visualize the entire picture of your shipping processes. From automated alerts that keep you proactively compliant to streamlined workflows that protect against hidden fees, customs back-ups and route delays, the PRECISION platform gives you a centralized location to manage all of your shipping and global trade needs.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Customers

When retailers depend on you to quickly and cost effectively fulfill their product demands, meeting their needs is critical to the success of your business. More than just on-time delivery, PRECISION gives you the reporting capabilities to provide your customers with up-to-the-minute details and deep analytics for future order optimization.

PRECISION Business Intelligence helps you make smarter data-driven decisions, which means your team can ensure faster deliveries at lower costs. Zero in on the detailed data you need with our configurable, easy to understand dashboards, so you can proactively address issues before they arise, reducing errors and delighting customers with impeccable service.

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