Educational organizations and government agencies have a lot in common when it comes to their shipping needs. Both universities and government agencies need a shipping solution that makes desktop shipping of key documents, spare parts, office equipment and/or research samples/specimens easy, while keeping them compliant, secure and risk averse.

PRECISION’s shipping and global trade management solution gives university and government officials confidence that their shipments will be handled with the utmost security, while ensuring on-time delivery at the best cost. With the PRECISION Transportation Execution solution, you can accurately estimate delivery times while choosing carriers with the best rates and most reliable routes, reducing costs and ensuring sensitive information makes it into the right hands. Shipping internationally is even made easy for the infrequent sender with our global trade management capabilities, informing users of the necessary protocols to follow for trade compliance and automatically generating the proper documentation to avoid customs hassles.

Simplify Your Shipping While Reducing Costs

With a large number of employees to manage across your organization, consolidating systems and automating processes is a true win. But with so many shipments leaving your offices on a regular basis, keeping costs down can be a challenge.

PRECISION is your source of truth when it comes to managing all of your parcel shipping needs. Not only does our centralized solution give you the full picture of your shipment costs, documentation, arrival times and reporting, it also keeps you productive and cost-conscious with automated compliance alerts and workflows. The PRECISION platform has the power to see past individual requests and consolidate your shipments for more automated, simplified processes than ever. Plus, our global trade management tools help you ship internationally, automatically generating the necessary documentation to stay compliant and avoid hidden fees. Finally, PRECISION captures and audits the shipping costs while allocating to the appropriate cost center.

Choose the Most Cost Effective Carrier Service and Deliver on Time

When sending high-priority shipments, on-time delivery to authorized recipients and locations is critical. By using in-house or carrier provided shipping solutions you are forced to use a single carrier, restricting you from choosing the fastest routes or most cost-effective delivery methods.

PRECISION’s multi carrier shipping solution enables predefined business rules to leverage carrier rates and enforce shipping discipline across the organization, while remaining carrier independent.