Managing the complexities of shipping is especially difficult in the highly-competitive and constantly innovating field of tech manufacturing. With so much emphasis on innovation and meeting customers’ high expectations, documentation and clear-cut processes can be overlooked, causing poor decision-making and customs nightmares—not to mention missed deliveries, sub-par service and disappointed customers.

PRECISION optimizes the world of high-tech manufacturing with a comprehensive platform for managing documentation, compliance, analytics, reporting and more. Now, your high tech enterprise can ensure a quality customer experience with parcel shipping and global trade management software that prepares you for roadblocks and uses workflows to automate otherwise complex processes. Tech companies use PRECISION to get ahead of the competition with real-time reporting and delivery exception notifications, leading to unparalleled customer service from production to on-time delivery.  

Automate Processes to Increase Efficiency

The tech industry is no stranger to automation—without it, opportunities fall through the cracks and errors slow innovation. As the tech industry expands, customers expect comprehensive documentation that’s specific to their businesses and fundamental to their supply chains. But without clear processes, critical information can slip through the cracks, delaying shipments and jeopardizing customer satisfaction.

No matter the carrier or the country, PRECISION takes the guesswork out of shipping and global trade management by ensuring all shipment data is recorded and stored using searchable serialization. By streamlining the documentation process, high tech manufacturers can ensure compliance while meeting the needs of increasingly demanding customers. From automated shipment rules to third party management to total cost calculations, high tech logistics managers can visualize every aspect of the shipment process from a single, easy-to-use system and take action for maximum customer satisfaction.

Increase Your Visibility

In today’s tech-savvy world, manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the speed of innovation, much less the regulations of international shipping. Yet, without the necessary documents to ensure trade compliance, manufacturers are vulnerable to staggering penalties. How can tech organizations gain a clearer picture of their entire process in real-time to keep track of shipments and ensure customer satisfaction?

With clearer visibility into carrier costs and availability, PRECISION gives high tech logistics managers deeper insight into potential customs and documentation issues that might arise, while our multi carrier shipping software accounts for different carriers and routes to keep productivity high and costs low. The best part? High tech firms can now manage transportation and trade from one comprehensive system using workflow management, automation and customization. With PRECISION Business Intelligence, you can view real-time reporting and tailored dashboards that help you track usage, statistics and cost. Plus, by integrating with existing ERPs you can track even more metrics, including employee productivity and output.

Turn First-Time Customers into Regulars

In an increasingly saturated market, high tech manufacturers know that impeccable customer service is key to differentiating themselves from the competition. But delivering on that promise means meeting the needs of customers at every touchpoint—from purchase to delivery.

Our multi-carrier, multi-language, multi-currency system makes it easy for anyone to access the data they need from anywhere, allowing tech companies to delight customers with on-time shipments, organized tracking they can search in real time and seamless returns. By staying out of the shipment weeds with proactive logistics planning, your team is freed up to anticipate customer needs and innovate on your next big product.

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