Keeping up with the complexities of global trade management and compliance can consume an entire team—especially when it comes to shipping high-priced items. Industrial manufacturers use PRECISION to ensure timely deliveries while meeting the extremely intricate requirements of international standards and trade demands—all from a centralized application. Now, you only have to worry about one strategy and one process for shipping all over the world. Our cloud-based trade compliance solution allows logistics managers to access compliance documentation, customs reporting and international product classification codes any time and from anywhere. Manufacturers can monitor changes to compliance regulations in real-time; run background checks on countries, carriers and prospective partners for the ultimate security; track and report on past compliance metrics for continual optimization; and store all compliance data for easy future reference.

Simplify Your Process With Automation

Industrial manufacturers are tasked with the pressure of moving high-value goods, all while meeting increasingly demanding domestic and international regulations. At the same time, lack of visibility across individual shipments, carriers and country-specific regulations results in lost efficiency, wasted time and hidden fees. For the industrial manufacturing industry, automating these processes can not only get the job done, but save you time and money along the way.

PRECISION simplifies the entire trade process by automating key documents needed for international shipments, managing multiple carriers and logistics, proactively adhering to compliance and compatibility checks and giving managers a complete view of their entire shipping strategy.

Gain Full Visibility

As global commerce grows and trade regulations increase, managing your entire shipping process can feel impossible. But PRECISION gives you the full picture, allowing you to compare multiple carriers, protect against hidden costs and reduce risk. Our comprehensive multi carrier shipping solution gives you a transparent view of every shipment—from compliance and carrier details to documents and reporting—so your team is never caught off guard.

Whether your enterprise is shipping down the street or across the globe, PRECISION helps manufacturers avoid additional scrutiny and delays by consolidating the touchpoints necessary—from sourcing and manufacturing to shipping and delivery—to complete the job. Plus, our serialization system allows you to track serial and lot numbers so your team can handle repairs, recalls or returns quickly and cost-effectively.

Keep Costs Under Control

PRECISION is the logistics manager’s secret weapon when it comes to saving money while still meeting the requirements of international shipping (not to mention the mounting expectations of customers). Our multi carrier transportation execution solution enables you to compare the rates of every available carrier for competitive pricing and optimal routes to get it there faster. The PRECISION system also helps you maximize employee time by automating processes that used to take hours, saving you money and reducing the risk of error.

Any number of things can go awry when it comes to shipping internationally—but PRECISION ensures you mitigate risk and catch the fine print before you’re left with large fines and unhappy customers. Plus, managing your global trade execution in one system means better managing your inventory, so you can keep tabs on your purchasing, implement JIT strategies or more accurately forecast supply and demand.

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