The life sciences industry is one that simply cannot afford delays or exceptions. Without a smooth operation that guarantees on-time delivery and the utmost compliance, people’s health and safety could be in danger. In a highly-regulated industry, it is crucial that your global parcel shipping system allows you to track sensitive packages while maintaining compliance to efficiently ship to your trading partners.

We understand the risks involved with life sciences shipping and we address each one with our suite of home-grown solutions that you can oversee in a single, intuitive system. Whether your team is shipping parcels down the street or exporting globally, PRECISION helps you create and manage all the documentation necessary for sensitive materials, while giving you access to an unparalleled network of global carriers to help you deliver faster and more efficiently.

Proactively Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance

There’s a whole host of variables to consider when shipping hazardous or controlled substances, including trade compliance, specialized documentation, pack verification and the imperative that sensitive shipments are delivered only to authorized recipients. Not all carriers can handle these types of shipments, so additional labeling and documentation is critical to ensure proper handling all the way to the shipment’s destination.

Our transportation and global trade management system is designed to help you decrease risk and increase confidence that your life sciences shipments are not only delivered on time, but also in superior condition and with the necessary documentation. And in the event of a recall your team can search shipments by lot number, increasing visibility and efficiency while reducing your team’s reliance on an ERP that might lack the classifications you need. Whether you require specialist carriers, cold-chain refrigeration or anything in between, PRECISION understands your shipment needs and simplifies your entire shipping operation so you can focus on patient health and safety.

Simplify the Complexities of Life Science Shipping

You have enough to worry about when it comes to shipping sensitive devices and materials. Leave the challenges of logistics to our single system that streamlines rigorous documentation and automates workflows for easier, faster delivery.

Gain superior visibility into every shipment with detailed tracking, custom reports and access to a global network of carriers, so you can determine the best routes and strategies for shipping your most sensitive items. Win back time and confidence with proactive compliance, automated proof-of-delivery information, serialization and tracking for sensitive inventory.

Take Control of Your Transportation Execution

When your team is handling sensitive and mission-critical shipments, you need world-wide control over your logistics while meeting enterprise standards. If your global parcel shipping software cannot give you the deep insights you need to provide documentation and meet internal and external compliance requirements, then this lack of a uniform process will jeopardize your ability to deliver on time and on budget.

PRECISION puts control back in your hands by allowing you to choose between carriers, quickly access tracking and documentation and gain full visibility into your shipping operation to catch mistakes before they happen. Choose the best carriers, routes and rates for your shipments, while reporting back to your stakeholders with detailed specifics.

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