The journey from manufacturer to consumer is changing. With the boom of the e-commerce industry and innovative fulfillment models becoming standard in consumers’ minds, third party logistics (3PL) companies are facing more destinations, more carriers and more hassles than ever before. At the same time, global trade is becoming increasingly complex with expanding competition and mounting compliance requirements.

PRECISION’s global multi carrier solutions allow you to drive down costs while improving performance, so you can beat out the competition. By standardizing your global shipping operations, you’ll be able to see beyond individual shipments to mitigate potential risks and choose the best multi-carrier strategies to increase customer satisfaction.

Set a Standard for Your Global Shipping Process

If you’re like most 3PLs, you have highly intertwined, complex operational needs that require the use of multiple carriers. But when you rely heavily on only a handful of those carriers, the ability to choose another at the last minute for better pricing or efficiency may not be an option. But time is money—and every second counts.

With PRECISION, you can standardize your global shipping processes to manage an unparalleled network of carriers, compare prices and generate critical paperwork, regardless of the country you’re shipping to or from. Gain true carrier independence, giving your team the ability to choose from multiple carriers around the world to locate and secure the lowest costs for specific jobs. Plus, no matter the carrier or country, PRECISION records and stores all shipment data using searchable serialization so you can reference it at a moment’s notice.

Consolidate Exceptions to Proactively Reduce Risk

The surge in customer-centric brands means that consumers demand impeccable service now more than than ever. They expect the utmost ease in making purchases and returns—and that includes interacting with your 3PL. Yet, without a means to efficiently manage the process of reverse shipping with your parcel carriers, delays and losses become more commonplace, resulting in skyrocketing costs and disappointed customers.

Our Delivery Exception Management solution is your control center for single or multi-carrier package tracking, so you can stay on top of deliveries to and from your customers with real-time carrier status and proactive notifications that alert you when a problem arises. With our all-in-one platform, you can proactively assess risk to glide through customs and optimize future performance with detailed reporting and analytics.

Impress Customers With Timely Deliveries and Data-Driven Decisions

When your operations cross multiple sites around the globe, it’s easy to feel as though your company is struggling to work cohesively. But your customers see you as a single entity, and they expect to feel prioritized no matter where they engage with you in the logistics lifecycle.

Efficiently managing shipments with PRECISION’s centralized solution will not only increase your customer satisfaction, but will help them build credibility with their own customers as well. With a standard global shipping solution, all locations are regulated and operated according to the same standards, workflows and processes. Our walk-up user interface makes it easy for anyone in your company to ship anything from anywhere. And by accessing real-time reports and tracking shipment accuracy over time, you can bolster trust with customers and reinforce partnerships with carriers across the globe.

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