While OEMs are consolidating their operations for efficiency, the need for replacement parts continues to grow, requiring the ability to ship across borders. But in-house or traditional ERP systems aren’t always equipped to handle the complexity of global trade and transportation execution.

PRECISION seamlessly integrates with the world’s top ERP systems (like QAD, SAP or Oracle). Instead of building additional ad-hoc systems, we help you leverage investments you’ve already made.

Manage One System for Carriers Worldwide

From managing your ERP and transportation management system (TMS) to documenting an increasing list of new and more intricate parts, staying abreast of all the small details of OEM and aftermarket shipping can be overwhelming. But when they’re all accessible in one, integrated system, maintaining visibility across your whole operation is easier than ever.

PRECISION puts control back in your hands, giving you comprehensive insight across carriers, routes, compliance requirements and more to successfully manage and automate your processes. Our software gives you the long-range perspective you need to successfully consolidate shipments and plan for future optimizations, all while holding costs down.

Ship Anywhere in the World with Multiple Carriers

As the OEM industry has grown, the need to ship smaller parcels to more locations worldwide has grown with it. But managing the trade requirements per country while carefully selecting the best carriers for each shipment can quickly become daunting.

PRECISION Transportation Execution enables you to analyze and select the best shipping rates and routes, helping you reduce costs and optimize delivery regardless of destination. That way, you can select the best carrier, route, rate and mode of transportation per shipment, instead of being forced to pay additional fees for specific destinations by your standard list of carriers. The PRECISION system is equipped to handle large numbers of small shipments, while managing multiple currencies, languages and customs requirements around the world.

Meet Customer Needs – No Matter Where They Are

Online sellers have made spare and replacement part ordering more accessible than ever. And no matter where they are in the world, customers expect to receive their shipment on time and in good condition.

With PRECISION multi carrier and global trade management solutions, you can deliver on the promise of quality shipping across borders at the best prices. As vehicle parts become more intricate, the need to ship smaller, individual parts (that dealerships and repair shops can’t keep on-hand) is critical for the industry. By turning to PRECISION, OEMs can provide the best delivery times and prices to customers with the help of a single, integrated system.

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