Online shopping has not only revolutionized retail, but the trade and transportation industry as well. In a competitive marketplace, retailers race to attract customers with faster delivery (and returns) at a lower cost. They need premium tools to exceed consumer expectations.

Unlike other solutions, PRECISION provides a centralized system to compare carriers, consolidate shipments, create necessary documentation, decrease hidden costs and more. PRECISION enables retailers to leverage shipping as a competitive advantage, while still reducing shipping costs and driving higher margins on the products they sell.

Choose the Best Carriers for Your Changing Needs

Perhaps more than any other industry, retailers are faced with a slew of constantly changing variables, from preparing for the holiday rush to managing new and changing international shipping regulations. Many retailers even have their own proprietary systems to track and ship consumer products. But with slim margins and increasing demand for more customized orders and faster delivery times, these systems just aren’t robust enough to manage the relationship between manufacturing, distribution and transportation.

PRECISION Transportation Execution gives retailers the freedom to choose from multiple carriers to compare rates, routes and service levels—all from one complete system. Now, retailers can decide the best strategies to address the changing needs between consumer returns, peak buying times and supply chain management.

Get Real-Time Alerts to Stay Permanently Proactive

When it comes to parcel shipping, any number of unforeseen factors can alter an otherwise successful, on-time delivery. Meanwhile, global trade management poses its own challenges, requiring a whole new set of rules and regulations to abide by. With so many moving pieces, retailers need a simpler way to address potential challenges and shifting policies before it’s too late and packages get stuck in customs.

PRECISION Delivery Exception Management is your control center for single or multi-carrier package tracking. Stay on top of deliveries to and from your customers with real-time carrier status and proactive notifications that alert you when a problem arises, so you can quickly address any issues. Glide through customs and reduce delays and damaged packages with a comprehensive view that shows your entire shipping and global trade operation from a centralized platform.

Lower Costs. Simplify Returns. Delight Customers.

More than ever, consumers demand that retailers compete for their business with impeccable service, discounted shipping costs, free returns and myriad delivery or pick-up options. But lack of visibility into your parcel shipping and global trade process increases the risk of hidden charges, incomplete documentation and delays in customs.

Our easy-to-use solution can be rolled out to your storefronts and online fulfillment centers, so your team can start saving money and time right away. Track total shipping cost with each carrier, and break down those costs across carriers to gain visibility into accessorial fees and surcharges. And our easy-to-use interface makes it fast and easy to ship to stores, to the consumer’s doorstep or back to a distribution center. Your team can also set up pick-up/drop-off (PUDO) service at your storefronts and determine service points for each order and return. Plus, our predictable flat rate means no surprises if your shipping or returns volumes are higher than expected.

With greater flexibility and visibility into your entire shipping operation, you can pass the additional value you receive on to consumers for increased satisfaction.  

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