Reduce Costs

Do you ever feel like you need a PhD in math to reasonably compare shipping rates?  We do too, which is why Precision Software focused on simplifying the rate comparison process with built-in, easy-to-use tools for making your tasks and your team more efficient.  If your shipments involve multiple carriers and span global markets, then you stand to see enormous benefits from Precision Software’s integrated solutions.

Where do you see – and feel – the advantages of the PRECISION suite’s cost reduction capabilities?

  • In your budget – compare and save with the best rates; consolidate, zone skip and mode shift.
  • In your quality assurance tasks – reduce data entry and processing errors with service oriented-architecture and work flow driven design
  • In your time – spend less time coordinating complex shipping activities and wrestling with manual trade documentation
  • In your team – your team can be working on higher value activities as opposed to busywork
  • In your carbon footprint – optimize your logistics performance for a “greener” supply chain

Rate shopping is exactly what you need to reduce costs, but it’s just the beginning with the PRECISION fully integrated software suite.  Take a tour today to find out how we can save you time and money.  Contact us via phone or online now.