International Trade Compliance Primer for Retailers


Once upon a time, retail was a brick-and-mortar, locally based industry. But today, retail supply chains are global with products sourced and manufactured anywhere on the globe, transported long distances to warehouses and ultimately shipped to retail stores or directly to customers. Customers themselves are no longer locally-based either. Today’s Chicago-based retailer with an online […]

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Three Important Benefits of Cloud-based Supply Chain Software for Retail


Cloud-based supply chain software for retail allows retail chains to compete with online-only retailers and provide better service to customers, while at the same time helping to lower shipping costs in the “last mile”—at the point of customer interaction. As the line between online and offline retail blurs, customers increasingly expect brick-and-mortar retail to provide […]

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Tips for Choosing Parcel Shipping Software for Banks and Financial Institutions


Choosing the Right Shipping Solution Moving packages efficiently has always been a high priority for banks and financial services firms, which have a mission-critical need to move contracts, agreements and other documents between branches, to customers and to third parties. For a large financial services firm, these types of shipments might cost millions of dollars […]

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Four Reasons Banks and Financial Institutions Need Better Desktop Shipping Solutions


Banking and financial services firms are among the world’s largest shippers of documents and parcels. It’s little wonder, since the parcel shipping industry actually began with the banking industry’s need to ship money and documents across long distances in the American west. The banking and financial services industry continues to rely heavily on parcel shipping […]

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How Desktop Shipping Helps Financial Services Optimize Delivery


Ever since the days when the Wells Fargo wagon coming down the street promised something exciting was about to be delivered, banking and shipping have been closely intertwined. Even today, as banking customers are able to transact more business online, there’s still an important need within the banking and financial services industry to be able […]

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