3 Ways to Improve Speed to Deployment in 3PL


Third party logistics (3PL) providers deliver logistics-related services, such as transportation, freight forwarding and warehousing to customers in a variety of industries. Among the industry’s biggest customers are pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, who rely on 3PL companies to provide access to industry leading technology such as PRECISION Multi-Carrier and Enterprise Shipping software to help […]

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How Retailers Decide Between Cloud vs. On-Premise Parcel Shipping Software


Whether it’s a point of sale system, an e-Commerce enablement system or a parcel shipping solution, many retailers wonder whether they should choose a cloud-based or on-premise software solution. The answer, briefly, is: It depends. It depends on your business needs, IT sophistication, budget, margin sensitivity and numerous other factors. In this post we’ll discuss […]

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Planning for Brexit: Why a Global Trade Compliance Strategy is Vital


If you’re a UK retailer or business that exports products within the Eurozone, you can ill afford to take a “wait and see” approach before addressing these changes. Finding yourself playing catch-up to your competitors could easily result in lost sales and/or market share. Instead, savvy companies are proactively treating Brexit as they would with […]

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Three Ways Multi-Carrier and Enterprise Shipping Software Can Drive Higher Returns from Your Online Returns


The BBC recently reported that in a survey conducted by the UK’s Savvy Marketing agency, 66% of those surveyed sent back a women’s apparel item purchased online within the last 6 months. The Financial Times recently cited other statistics indicating that while 25% of women’s apparel purchases were destined to be returned, that number paled […]

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How Global Trade Management Software Helps Optimize Retail Supply Chains


Globalization is one of the biggest factors driving retail growth, but it’s also creating complexity for retailers who, in the past, mainly worked with domestic customers. And where there is complexity, there is also risk. Nowhere is this more true than when managing global trade. A recent study by DHL indicates that online retailers are […]

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