Oh, the biggest of challenges. That’s how one global Heavy Truck manufacturer described their parcel shipping and delivery process when we met them first. Every day they faced the daunting challenge of shipping parts to destinations all over the world. And because these packages often contained spare parts – every single package was critically depended on at the other end. These Vehicle Off Road (VOR) challenges are managed with the utmost time criticality.

Worse still, they had little visibility of every parcel shipped. Like most carriers nowadays, they only had access to about 3 status updates. So when things went wrong – as they sometimes did – they were usually the last to know about it. And, as often as not, when it was too late to resolve it.

Not anymore. Not with Precision. By implementing our Delivery Exception Management Solution they immediately got proactive support for their business. Now they deal with issues – whether it be a lost package or one held up in customs – on the spot. They can even notify customers of delays well in advance with deep, granular reporting. This ensures the relationship with dealers and customers is protected and never damaged.

We integrated seamlessly with their SAP, JDA and Transportation Management System with a cloud based solution. But what they liked best was the way Precision supports over 500 different carriers.

Today, instead of relying on a just a few they can choose from them all. Guaranteeing their global brand gets the right carrier for the right job. In the location they need and always at the best price. They even automate their labeling in one simple solution. “It’s like Precision did the heavy lifting for a change,” they said.

That’s smart. That’s Precision. The global partner delivering intelligence.