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Carriers Respond to Covid-19

Across the world, governments are tackling the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak by putting measures in place to reduce potential exposure to the virus. In this QAD Precision Report, we look at how carriers are responding.

These are unprecedented times. Across many countries, businesses are introducing work from home policies where possible. Schools, colleges, and day care centers are closed. Many restaurants, entertainment venues, cinemas and shops have shut their doors for the time being. Concerts, sporting events and large gatherings have been cancelled or postponed. 

These measures impact the way we do business. However, it is important to first note that shipping goods via package is low risk. The World Health Organization has stated it is unlikely that infected persons can contaminate packages and transmit Covid-19 this way. The WHO has answered this and other questions on transmission and protective measures. You can read the WHO Q&A on Covid-19 here

In this special QAD Precision Report we look at how carriers are responding to Covid-19 and what this means for shippers. Please note: this information is correct at the time of publishing. However, the situation remains fluid and changes are possible in the coming days.


Currently, UPS is operating delivery services except where government restrictions do not make this possible. Office based staff are working from home where possible. You can read the UPS statement here.


FedEx has stated that the company is currently operating to and within areas impacted by Covid-19 as much as conditions and restrictions make this possible. FedEx also stated that work and travel restrictions may impact delivery times. As a result, the carrier is adjusting delivery commitments for certain areas. You can read more here.

Deutsche Post DHL

In a statement, Deutsche Post DHL Group said that business operations are being adapted to mitigate potential impact of Covid-19. Furthermore, pandemic scenarios have been a part of the company’s ongoing risk planning. Updates to operation are being done on a country-by-country basis. You can read the full statement here.


From 10 February 2020, the United States Postal Service temporarily suspended delivery guarantees on Priority Mail Express International heading to China and Hong Kong. However, US domestic deliveries are largely unaffected. According to the USPS, the Covid-19 crisis has only caused minor operational impacts in the United States. You can read the USPS statement here

The USPS is also tracking international service disruptions. You can see how various countries are impacted here.

DPD Group

DPD is maintaining deliveries where possible. However, the carrier notes that within certain countries, such as Italy, Spain and France, delays are likely. In addition, collection and delivery services are following local guidelines. For example, in Ireland, DPD has temporarily suspended collections from depots. Furthermore, drivers will not be able to hand scanners to recipients in order to maintain social distancing. You can read the DPD Group statement here. You will find DPD Ireland’s statement here.

DSV Panalpina

In a statement, DSV Panalpina Group CEO, Jens Bjørn Andersen, has promised to keep customers’ supply chains moving. The company noted that some disruption is unavoidable. However, DSV Panalpina also stated that given the company’s size, they are in a position to acquire additional capacity to mitigate difficulties. You can read more here.

Canada Post

To maintain social distancing, Canada Post will not require signatures for deliveries. You will find updates from Canada Post here as well as delivery service updates here.


Purolator Shipping Centres are currently open. However, the carrier recommends using digital shipping options where possible. Furthermore, Purolator will no longer require a written signature to release packages. You can read more about this here

Royal Mail

In the UK, Royal Mail will no longer allow customers to touch hand-held devices in order to capture signatures. Instead, postal workers will log the name of recipients. Royal Mail is continuing to operate internationally. However, delays are expected in certain European countries. You can track international updates from Royal Mail here.

An Post

Ireland’s postal service, An Post, is currently working as normal across the country. Like many other carriers and postal operators, An Post will not be passing scanners to customers to capture signatures. Postal workers will sign on behalf of the customer in their presence. You can read more here.

Other Carriers, Logistics Companies and Postal Operators

Please click on the links below to see Covid-19 statements from a variety of other carriers, logistics companies and postal service providers.

Australia Post




DB Schenker



New Zealand Post

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